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     Killer Bees - What to do?


 In the southwestern US (Arizona, Southern California, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas) confronting the infamous “killer bees” on the hiking trail appears unlikely.  Nevertheless, their arrival to the US has been well publicized making one wonder what to do if the improbable happens. Though disruptive, only seven Americans have been killed by these bees, which look and sting exactly like the common honeybee.  

  • Be aware of culverts or drainage pipes that may be harboring a colony, and junk piles of dense shrubbery that may be shielding a hive from sight.
  • If bees start flying around you, run away. Don't swat them--it will only make more bees want to sting you. And don't "freeze" in place--you will still get stung if you do.
  • If you get stung or hear bees buzzing, run away fast.  Most healthy people can outrun a swarm, since the bees often quit the chase after a few hundred yards.   If there is no shelter, run through bushes or high weeds.
  • A honeybee will leave its stinger in your skin if it stings you. Get the stinger out by raking your fingernail across it. Don't pinch or pull the stinger out.




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