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Who is the DayHiker?

September 2007

I'm 63, skinny as a rail (6'2" 168lbs), and live in San Diego (Pt Loma).  

Occasionally I'll meet someone and it will come out that I am "The DayHiker" of extreme day hiking "fame", eliciting a typical response: "YOU'RE the DayHiker??"  OK, so I'm don't look like Arnold Schwarzenegger but, then again, I'm not sure our former famous Governor could hike Mt. Whitney in a day.

My only qualifications for this moniker and self-anointment is:

1.  I grabbed this domain name in the early days of the internet.

2.  I've done the hikes on this site and written all of the articles.

3.  I really like extreme day hiking as a hobby and would like to promote the concept.

While working in high technology, at lunch some of my fellow engineers would go running - not me.  I didn't like running or doing anything aerobic that worked up a real sweat.  Throughout my 20's, 30's, and 40's I was a couch potato doing occasional bikes rides or walks slowly on mostly level ground.  With working and family life it is easy during these frenetic years to delude oneself that there is not enough time for extensive physical exercise.  

And, at least for me, losing weight has never been an issue.  So why "sweat it"?  The answers evolved over the last 15 years. I would like to share with you some thoughts that expand on what is already mentioned on this site.  Stay tuned.

June 2008

Just did my 7th in row San Diego Rock n' Roll Marathon.  It hurt.  I don't run much so my "training" for these events is minimal.  I don't like running.  I keep hearing about the "runner's high" and have yet to experience it - I must not be doing it right.  

There are 26 reasons to not do a marathon.  And only one for doing it:  Keeps me physically honest and ready for an extreme day hike, anytime, anyplace.  I like that.  Also, you get a tee-shirt and a dorky medal.  I told my 5-year old granddaughter I won, showing her the finisher's medal.  She's impressed.  Neat.  

DayHiker goes on Medicare

Yup,  October 2008 - I get national health care insurance.  What this means is about $400 less per month in insurance premiums.  Also what it means is I turn 65.  And to the more poignant point, when my father turned 65 he was probably in the early stages of Alzheimer's, from which he died at 75.

So a provocative question is:  Will I get Alzheimer's?  I'm guessing not for a long time.  The jury is still out on what causes Alzheimer's but from what I read lots of daily walking/hiking/running in addition to eating right and doing new mental stuff and activities is the best way to prevent or at least defer this insidious disease.  

But to the point of this web site,  there is a presidential race going on with lots of hyperbolic rhetoric about energy alternatives.  My solution is simple:  Walk!

Health Care Debate - August 2009

If you are reading this site you are probably less likely to need expensive health care from self induced conditions like diabetes, chronic heart disease, and maladies resulting from smoking. The insurance industry vs non profit kaiser-like medical services vs a government plan misses the easy solution: Walk! ... you collect carbon credits AND life credits. Something for everyone!

July 6, 2010

And a year later ... walking and running, nothing new, just some Grand Canyon and local long hikes, along with some long city day hikes in Barcelona (daughter got married there) and day hiking in Buenos Aires (free ticket with American Airlines Advantage). Just went to the dentist today for annual cleaning. I saw my xray's. He said, "see the roots of your teeth. They are getting smaller." My response, "ah, what can I do about that?" Dentist says, "nothing, that what happens when you get older." My response, "oh". Also did two halfs and one full marathon here in San Diego. One more half marahon to go. I don't like running. Rather hike. Stay tuned.

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! So now I am 69. Lots of traveling, hiking and running.

Traveled to Egypt November 2011. Wow … great timing, since they revolted a month later and tourism been impacted since as democracy has been incubating for the past two years. No hiking but lots of walking among temples, pyramids, tombs, and other old stuff. Cairo is not a walkable city. Had to take a cab to cross a busy avenue.

Then just over a year ago we went to China. Amazing what the Communists ending up doing. And amazing how safe I felt retrieving my iPad I left on an Chinese airplane seat pocket. The only exotic, but short, hike was on a small section of the Great Wall of China.

Went to Peru a few months ago. Didn’t hike the Inca Trail but Machu Picchu was great for some day hikes. The are four of them: Sungate - the eastern entrance to Machu Picchu- and the Inca Bridge - a suspension draw bridge - are free and no additional reservation required; and two longer hike to peaks, Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountain. Both are limited to 400 people a day and cost around $65 each. With some careful planning one could do all 4 in one day.

Also in Peru, and in the exotic day hike category, we traveled to Lake Titicaca. After a 2.5 hour boat ride we hiked to 13,300 ft on an island. It was surreal to look down at an ocean-sized body of water at 12,500 ft with other islands in the distance. Kind of like the Greek Islands at high altitude.








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