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Choosing the right outdoor clothing

PostPosted: Sun Jun 14, 2009 5:14 am
by poster
[img][/img]Generally, three layers are used in such clothing: the inner (base) one - to wick the moisture away from your body, the mid (insulating) one – to provide it with warmth and the outer (shell) one – to protect you from rain and wind. The key feature of this multi-layer approach is that you can quickly adapt your garments to the weather conditions and your own body activity level with just taking off the excessive layers when it’s warm or putting on the additional layers when it’s cold. There are many materials which combine two layers functions in one (when also reducing the quality of their functional abilities, though).

For a long period of time the multi-layer approach was the best idea for athletes and outdoorsmen, but now there is another possibility also – the Soft Shells. This kind of technical clothing combines the functions of both outer (shell) and middle (insulating) layers. And in addition to that it has a better breathingability.

Let’s look closer at each outdoor clothing layer:

Base (inner) layerdraws the sweat away from your skin. This layer is highly responsible for the body thermoregulation. Have you ever put on a cotton t-shirt under the raincoat when joggling? Even if such a garment will protect you from the rain, shortly you will feel cold. When your clothing accumulates moisture it starts to cool down the body even while the outer clothing layer is successfully resisting the rain and snow.