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Nepal Hiking

PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, 2009 2:07 am
by zenith
Trekking in Nepal can be holidays that test your physical abilities & inspire your emotional well being. In other words, trekkers leave home & cross the oceans to explore the unknown; to get a feel of the wild. Indeed, from the flatlands of the terai with its warm and thriving vegetation to the icy slopes of some of the highest mountainous altitudes on earth, hikers & backpackers are bound to experience a tryst with some of the most fascinating natural landscapes ever beheld and delight in the thrills of a true spirit that comes with adventure when hiking the trails out in the wilderness. It’s a gratifying feeling when trekking out in the Nepalese Himalaya as you camp out in the jungles under starry skies, yield to the rugged beauty of the wilderness, connect with the wonders of nature, eat and sleep under a full moon sky, sing and dance around campfires and share a meal with local folks. There couldn’t be a better way to flee from the hustling and stressful irritation of everyday life in the mangled metropolises that we all live in and to rejuvenate and enjoy the elixirs that can only be found in pure nature at its very best.