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Brandywine Trail End-to-End in Delaware and Pennsylvania

PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2007 10:08 pm
by blvd81
Just did the Brandywine ETE to train for the 100K on the C&O Canal. It's long (37 miles) but not very hilly. The long distances on pavement are really hard on your feet though. The scenery isn't spectacular, but there's a lot of picturesque countryside walking, and the creek's pretty.

This is a good event to get started with long-distance dayhiking if you live on the East Coast. It's well-organized and supported. They feed you and take care of logistics. Plus, it's nice to have plenty of people offering support throughout the hike.

Be prepared for some speed demons though. I was one of the last finishers, averaging almost 3 miles an hour including stops. The front of the pack averaged about 4.5 miles an hour including stops. I was impressed!

Here's the link: