Teton Hike - Phelps Lake to Jenny Lake

Teton Hike - Phelps Lake to Jenny Lake

Postby Jcowles » Wed Sep 16, 2009 9:22 am

I recently did the hike around the back side of the Tetons from the Phelps Lake trail head to Jenny Lake. Starting at 6:30 I decided to start at Phelps lake to get the most vertical out of the way first and because I'd rather go up the steep part than come down the steep part. I talked to a couple rangers before the hike to make sure I wasn't crazy and to reassure my wife of same. One had recently done the hike starting at Jenny Lake where she had taken the 6:00 am ferry. Smart move. Another ranger urged me not to pass up the additional 600 foot climb from Static Peak pass up to Static Peak. This was a great tip becasue the view is fantastic. The research I did paid off because I had enough water (3 liters) and food, and the right equipment (Good shoes, hiking poles, extra socks etc.). I was accutely aware of what my body was telling me, stopping often to drink, eat and loosen the joints with Ibuprohen. I am afterall 57 years old. All went well although the second climb to get over Hurricain Ridge was a bit grueling.

A late start partially caused by a herd of Buffalo on the Altelop Flats road and too much time admiring the scenery at the top of Static Peak caused me to miss the last Jenny Lake Ferry by 15 minutes so the 25 mile hike became a 27 mile hike. Uhg. At the end I was tired and beat but in relatively good shape. This is a great hike
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