Grand Canyon R2R2R day hike

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Grand Canyon R2R2R day hike

Postby slap67 » Fri Oct 28, 2011 7:32 am

Hi Everyone. I am requesting any information or suggestions to help me prepare for and successfully finish a Grand Canyon "Double Crossing" Some of my concerns are;
1) Time of year. Im going in November of this year. In about a month. I have no choice on the dates. I live in MA and have a few days to do this trip.
2) Weather. Due to time of year some of issues for me are: all water sources on the N.Kaibab trail are shut off for the winter. The need for warm clothing, a filter and possible micro spikes adding way more weight than I want to bring.
3) Short length of day. (I've been in the Canyon 6 times before but never to the North Rim. I want to be there in the daytime.)
I plan on using poles the whole way and buying some food and drinks at phantom ranch each time I pass through. Will descend the S.Kaibab trail and probably climb out the Bright Angel trail. I have a ride so I don’t need to use the shuttle bus system. I can start and finish anytime.
Any suggestions on gear, food, drinks, and start times will be greatly appreciated
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