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This site, and hiking forum, is dedicated to "extreme" day hikes that are rigorous, exciting, unique, with interesting sights and terrain. The Day Hiker philosophy is a minimalist approach to clothing, food, and equipment so the hiker can:

Go early, go light, go fast, go far, go high, and achieve a personal best in one day, returning to a hot shower, a gourmet meal, a fine wine, and a comfortable bed.

July 2015 - Whitney Again. Yes, Really.

September 2014 - Mt. Whitney Again

January 2013: Who is the DayHiker?

Featured Day Hikes:

grand canyon rim to rim
Grand Canyon Rim to Rim -
Very unique and challenging

dubrovnic day hike
Day Hiker Does Dubrovnic
Is it safe in Croatia?  Blend of Venice, Greek Islands and La Jolla. 

london day hiking
Walking London 
A City Hike to Remember

Day Hiker Does The Lake District England's beautiful, compact hiking area. 

DayHiker does Tetons

Try this 19 mile loop for the best day hiking loop ever!!

Hike from Home ...
My First Blister
Protect yourself from the agony of de'feet... and enjoy an extreme sidewalk hike!


What would you do if you encountered Killer Bees?

Yes, the answer may
be obvious - RUN !



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Interesting Day Hikes
100km Day Hike -  Washington  D.C. to Harper's Ferry.  Sign up for this year's event April 28, 2012 .

Dublin Day Hike Two Cliffs /Two Hills

 Mt. Whitney - Day Hike One more  time

Ouray, Colorado - Little Switzerland of America and the Hardrock 100 ...


Recommended Reading

The Long Walk - If you like walking long distances you must read this early work by Stephen King.

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